Logo and Branding

Published on: 25th August 2011

If you would like to use the WYSport logo, please email julian.pratt@wysport.co.uk  with details of the publication.

Please make sure you have the current version as seen below and delete any old versions from your system.

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General Print quality (up to A5):

Web versions:


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Please email wys.admin@wysport.co.uk before using this logo  


Joint CSP Logo


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Please use download links to get the right logo

Branding Guidelines

  1. Permission: Please make sure you are allowed to use the WYSport logo. Speak to either your contact or email julian.pratt@wysport.co.uk 
  2. Placing: There needs to be an exclusion zone of clear space around the logo in the proportions indicated below
  3. Background: Use the Pantone 327u green versions on light backrounds and the white one on dark backgrounds. 
  4. Alterations: Do not distort, stretch or apply filters to the logo. All sizes and specs are available on request
  5. Text versions: When referring to us in print, please use either

    • West Yorkshire Sport
    • WYSport