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How to get started

  • Go to wysport.co.uk/sign-in
  • Download the ‘How to’ guide for how to set up your profile
  • Add your own personal profile or if you’d like one central account to manage your organisations profile, use a generic email address that will remain regardless of changes in staff, eg. info@yourorganisation.co.uk 
  • Create or link to your organisations page, taking time to ensure the page has all the up to date information it needs for any customers who may visit it wanting to find out more about you.


  • Promote your activities in our activity finder
  • Manage your organisation profile, providing people with all the information they need about you

Adding an activity

Create your own widgets

 *NEW* – We can create custom widgets that you can add to your websites according to your own interests.

The code will look something like this and can be pasted into the code of your web pages

It will look something like this with the fields customised to your needs: